Memories are a collection of life experiences. Significant events or moments in everyday life, each is a little story that was captured and preserved. When someone close to you dies, reading and sharing these can help you cope with the sense of loss.

What Animal is This?

Nick makes a new friend

Nick began hand-feeding a furry animal in Redfern Park not knowing what it was. He kept this to himself until curiosity got the better of him. He then took a photograph with his phone and send it to friends asking "What animal is this?" Few were surprised to hear Nick's new best friend was a wild possum. He loved animals and was a magnet to them.


No Bakers Delight!

Nick tries his hand at baking

Nick loved giving people cooking advice and would often question the ingredients being used and your method of cooking. Rebuffed for his constant commentary  he agreed to prove he wasn't all talk and no action. He pulled a cake recipe from his memory, which is where it should have stayed. You could have broken your teeth on it. 


Cat & Mouse

At the speed the speed of light

Nick was at a friends house for dinner. They were still at the table talking when one of the household cats ran into the house to show everyone the mouse he had caught. Nick did his best to ignore it. But when the cat threw the mouse in the air beside him, it was too much and he jumped in the air as well, and ran off screaming.


Learning the 'Culture'

Student and teacher

Nicholas was bewildered by Australian culture and slang. The back of buggery, as full as a goose, lamingtons and pavlova to name a few. He refused to eat Kangaroo, crocodile or emu. He enjoyed teaching unpublishable Greek words, how to make a freddoccino, fry saganaki and that you can add feta to anything. He lived life to the fullest and inspired others to do the same. 


What.... She's Not Married?

Never in Greece

For a while, Nick shared an apartment with a friend and wasn’t hard to tell their nationalities. Day and night they played only Greek or Māori music. When told the New Zealand Prime Minister had given birth while in office, he marvelled at this achievement then said, ‘Her husband must have done all the maternity things then’. He was shocked to learn they weren’t married saying, ‘That would never happen in Greece!’